Lukas Hanzlik

Lukas Hanzlik is a professional photographer born in the magical city of Prague in Central Europe. He started his professional career working for U.S.A.C (an American Consortium) photographing their events starting in Czech Republic and later all over Europe. During that time he became personal photographer of George Osgar, one of the most successful DJs in Czech Republic and started focusing on portrait photography.

In 2015 he began working independently in a film crew creating short movies and a TV show. Later he became a freelancer in the movie industry working as a "grip" and "gaffer" for many international crews creating commercials, education videos and advertisements. This was the perfect opportunity for him to start working with many famous and respected people creating short movies which went on to win awards in many film festivals all over the world including Hollyshort, Scandinavian International, Newport Beach & Boston Sci-fi.

After university in 2018 he decided to make his passion his profession and started traveling around the world as a location independent freelance photographer. He is currently cooperating with ADRA and traveling to rural areas in Indochina to document and create publications about local culture and life.